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Dog Days of Summer Are Near!
Tempest Brass Instruments

The 2020-2021 school year is almost over; many of us will be glad to move onto a new school year as quickly as possible, as the corona virus epidemic has put a strain on school music programs across the United States.  Many of our educator friends have had to accept the unfortunate paradigm of living with less; we at Tempest from our inception as a company have designed instruments of high exacting standards for band programs that have offered superior quality at a price point that is affordable long before the recent changes in music education we have experienced.  Ten plus years of instruments in band programs across most of the Southern and Western United States, as well as three continents, is a success story that we are proud of.

Tempest Brass Instruments

Tempest's further commitment to you the educator this coming new school year is we wish to help you rebuild and create relevance for your programs, because the hallmarks of why we all originally went into music are under attack more now than ever.  Tempest wants to help you to tell a story to your local communities and the world of why music education is important and why we are so passionate about what we do; most of all, why all your programs should grow rather than shrink in size or scope.

Tempest Brass Instruments

Lack of public performances has hurt everyone with there exposure to the public stage.  In order to help in this quest of music advocacy we have revamped and transformed our Facebook page and our web site to have a new look and vision; so to demonstrate the importance of what we do in music education.  Tempest wants to help shine a spotlight on your success and highlight the young Tempest artist as well as the schools they perform at from within the classroom via the Internet.
We are encouraging all of our Tempest customers to do the following:
(with parental permission of course for posting.)
Send us photos or videos of young Tempest artists!
Send us photos or videos of Brass or Woodwind students/sections
at rehearsals or performances, (candid’s work well also)!

Send us friend requests from your school or band booster page, so that your posts will show up on our Tempest page.
Send us your school logos to add to our web page!!!

Tempest Brass Instruments

In conclusion, we would like to thank all of our friends and say hello to anyone new to our Tempest family.  The most frequently asked question to Mike and Jim is "When is your next sale"; our response is, "everything is always on sale". 

The dog is not for sale, but you can give us a call to discuss how we can help your program.

Call Mike or Jim for any questions
Mike - 210-422-3341
Jim - 210-860-2408

Celebrating Twelve Years of Top Quality


Quality:  We are a brass company that controls and supervises every phase of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality.  Further; we constantly consult with experts on every instrument as well as directors so that not only do the instruments play well, but also they stand the test of time in the band halls.  We stand behind our brand and propose that our Tempest brand will play as well as the name brands that are two to three times the price.


History:  Mike and Jim have been in the music business for 35 plus years from college teaching to professional performance; importation and development of major brands to large venue entertainment booking, we understand the music business - experience counts.

Consequently Tempest has been in the marketplace longer than its warranty, and our instruments are still in service the band rooms throughout multiple states.  How many companies can claim that they have the least busy shop in the business; well we do, our warranty repairs are less than 1%- of gross sales! That's amazing!


Proof:  We offer trail periods on the instruments so that your staff and the kids can equally audition the instruments in a school environment, additionally upon request we are happy to share emails of directors - so that you can get an unfiltered opinion of our quality and history claims.


Communication:  We give our cell phone numbers to you; there are no annoying answering services that refer you to other departments that do not understand the band language, you speak directly with Mike or Jim 24/7.


Places to Buy:  We are members of several buying boards in multiple states.  We accept school purchase orders as well as Band booster payments as well.  We maintain a state of the art web page complete with a secure shopping cart; and although all Tempest product comes from us as the sole source.


Mike & Jim


Tempest Musical Instruments

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